Older Cranes are sometimes capable of giving many more years of quality and reliable service, if refurbished.  Cranes that are heavily used, have outdated electrical systems, or are in poor condition will have a negative impact on your productivity.


Allen Cranes Limited Refurbishment Service may include the following depending on our customers’ requests:

  • Collection of the Crane from your chosen site.
  • Thoroughly Examination of all Crane elements.
  • Replace, Recondition or Repair parts as necessary.
  • Replace all bearings/motors.
  • Full service wash, Sandblasting, Primer and Refinish of all painted parts.
  • Test and Certification.

Allen Cranes Limited will look forward to hearing from you and will provide an excellent Refurbishment plan to suit your requests.


Test Certification


Allen Cranes Limited can provide testing and certification for all Crane models and Plant & Lifting Equipment Nationwide.

Our team are highly qualified individuals holding 30 years plus experience, providing expert information and advice.  We carry out inspections on site in relation to light maintenance, repairs, service and operational advice.  Ensuring the equipment is operating effectively, achieving long term savings in relation to the running cost and eliminating any down time.



Certification provided for the Testing and Certification of:

  • Construction.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Agriculture.
  • Marine & Fisheries.
  • Local Government.
  • Semi State